Vendo Viagra in Italia

ED pillole farmacia

Vendo Viagra in Italia - ED pillole farmacia

Kamagra senza ricetta

comprare Kamagra in Italia in contrassegno
comprare Kamagra in Italia in contrassegno

Kamagra pills are very successful, popular and approvedtreatment by those suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is effective for allthose people struggling to attain and maintain good erection during sexual intercourse.The pills help a person to have a harder, long lasting erection in order to beable to satisfy his sexual partner in the process. It is effective because itcontains ingredients known as sildenafil citrate which helps in enhancing bloodflow to the penis, resulting to better erections and enhanced sexual performance.In order to get the best results while using this medicine, you are required touse it with an hour before you engage into the sexual activity. It becomeseffective within half an hour after you take it. This makes it effective becauseit gives the expected results fast compared to many other medicines used totreat erection dysfunction. Its positive effects take approximately four to sixhours.

Dosage and storage

Just like many other medications, it is important that youuse Kamagra according with the recommended guidelines provided by your doctor onthe label. You are supposed to take the right dosage in order to get the positiveresults. In case you forget to take the dose, you should not double dose thenext time you take it. This is necessary in order to avoid negative effectsthat might occur as a result of this. To ensure efficiency, make sure that you storethis medicine in a dry and cool place. The medicine should also be kept faraway from any place where children can reach or access it.

Possible side effects

In most cases most men who use the medicine do not sufferfrom any side effects. This makes it one of the safest drugs that you can useto treat erectile dysfunction. However, you may face minor side effects whichwill go away within a few hours. Some of such minor effects include dizziness,mild headache, stuffy nose, facial flushing, stomach upset and you might alsodevelop some sensitivity to bright lights. In case you do not adhere to the recommendeddosage you might get severe effects such as impaired vision or prolongederections. In case of such side effects it is advisable that you contact your doctorbecause such effects may be fatal or cause other severe health problems.


It is good to note that Kamagra pills are not for everyone. Youneed to follow these guidelines to avoid the side effects. Here are some of thewarnings.

· Do not consume the pills on daily basis if youare not planning to engage in sexual activity.

· Do not use it when you suffer from severe hearproblem, hypertension, liver or kidney diseases.

· Never combine it with medicines containing nitrates,alcohol or alcoholic beverages.

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