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What Can Viagra Do For You In Australia

Erectile dysfunction in Australia

There is a problem that occurs in men and affects their ability to sexually perform is diminished. This problem is known as erectile dysfunction and it affects around 1 million in Australia. Erectile dysfunction occurs mostly in men who are over the age of 50 but it is not limited to elderly. Sometimes circumstances such as social anxiety, injuries, or side effects of medication can cause erectile dysfunction. It is not unheard of for a person to suddenly experience erectile dysfunction even if they are not over 50. In cases such as these, it is typically an internal factor such as social anxiety or depression. There are various causes of erectile dysfunction therefore there must be several ways of treating it.

Most doctors are equipped to quickly diagnose and prescribe a treatment to men experiencing erectile dysfunction. The most common treatment for erectile dysfunction is called Viagra.

Do I need medication?

There are sometimes cases where erectile dysfunction can be slight to moderate and may not require pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes a little bit of counseling can go a long ways and speaking with a therapist can help the issue. If you think you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, speak with your doctor and explain the symptoms you are experiencing. Note, if you only experience erectile dysfunction once in a while then chances are is probably due to something like alcohol or embarrassment. Erectile dysfunction typically only affects men who experience long-term failure to perform and get hard. Moving on to how erectile dysfunction is most commonly treated, this is actually a pharmaceutical drug called Viagra. Viagra is an erectile dysfunction medication designed for men and helps combat the process that prohibits an erection.

How Erections Work

When a man becomes sexually stimulated, a signal is sent to increase blood flow to the penis. However, if this signal is disrupted and then an erection will not occur. The way erectile dysfunction medication works such as Viagra, it targets the enzyme which stops the signal. when the enzyme is no longer blocking the signal then increased blood flow can occur to the penis. For an erection to happen, the blood flow must increase and filled up with in the shaft of the penis. At the same time that blood vessels are expanding that carry blood to the penis, the blood vessels that carry the blood away get smaller. This causes the two cavities in the penis called the Corpus cavernosum to become enlarged.

Viagra online

Viagra can be purchased at any pharmacy and at some online sources. It is typically taken 30 minutes before sex and its effects last between three and four hours. Viagra comes in the form of a small blue pill that is taken orally with or without food. Side effects can include blurred vision, Headache, nausea, and muscle and back pain. However, most people do not experience a side effect as a result of Viagra.

comprare Levitra generico Italia

Levitra senza ricetta roma
Levitra senza ricetta roma

Use Levitra For Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra is a medicinal drug whichbelongs to a class of medicine known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Itconsists of the chemical vardenafil, that is a PDE5 inhibitor utilized in thetreatment of impotence or even erection dysfunction. Levitra assists relax themuscles of the penis and raises the flow of blood to the penis at the time ofsexual stimulation. Therefore, Levitra is primarily utilized in helping malesachieve a harder erection.

How youcan use Levitra?

Before you begin using Levitrait’s crucial to know all the info so that you understand how to use the drugeffectively.

To get the best outcomes it’ssuggested that you take your recommended dosage of the pill about 25 minutesprior to taking a part in sexual activity. The outcomes can last forapproximately 10 hrs after taking the pill even though this time span doesdiffer from person to person and it impacts every man in a different way. Youneed to never take more than one pill each day, even if you happen to berecommended the bottom possible dosage.

Levitra comes in 2.5-mg, 5-mg,10-mg, as well as 20-mg tablets. Generally the beginning dose for Levitra is10-mg. Your doctor will distribute the proper dosage for you based on yourmedical background and situation, as every patient&rsquos requires aredistinctive. Always be certain to tell your physician all from the medicationsthat you simply are currently using, whether they’re prescription orover-the-counter.

So howexactly does Levitra work?

Levitra functions as a PDE5inhibitor, quickly getting into the blood stream and relaxing the main arteriesthat feed blood to the penis. The PDE5 enzyme within the penis is exactly whatcontrols just how much blood is pumped in to the main shaft. Once this enzymeis disabled, the blood can flow readily, and on full sexual confidence orstimulation, a harder erection is definitely achieved as well as maintained foran extended time period.

Differencesbetween Viagra, Levitra and Cialis:

Although all of these leading EDmedication is a PDE5 inhibitors,there are several minor variations between Cialis, Levitra, Viagra. Viagra wasthe first ED medicine and it is regarded as the best, however, it just lastsabout 4-5 hrs in the system. Cialis is the latest of the ED drugs and alsotouts a hefty 24-36 hour existence within the system, whilst Levitra fallsamong Cialis as well as Viagra, while kicking in quick and long lastingapproximately 4-8 hrs or much more. Also, Levitra can work for many ED patientswhen other two ED medications haven’t.

You can purchase high-qualityLevitra online from all over theAustralia. They’ll provide your order at any address mentioned by you. Allpackages will always be delivered in time. Pill price is always less whenpurchasing large packages than small packages, conserving rates are specifiedwithin the Saving field.

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Viagra Italiano
Viagra Italiano

Introductionto Viagra

Viagra is amedication used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectiledysfunction in men. This drug is ideally effective for treating sexualdysfunction. It works well since it increases blood flow to the penis duringsexual activities which result in an erection.


Viagra isavailable in tablet form. It comes in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg doses. Theinitial dose of Viagra is 50 mg which is taken orally once a day and one hourprior to sexual activity. Sources suggest that 25 to 100 mg taken orally once aday is needed as maintenance one hour prior to sexual activity. The fact of thematter is that this drug may be taken anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours priorto sexual activity. The dose can be adjusted to a maximum recommended dose of100 mg or lowered to 25 mg. It is recommended that people over 65 years andwith liver impairment should start with a dose of 25 mg.

Viagra sideeffects

If in anycase you have signs of an allergic reaction to Viagra, get emergency medicalhelp. There are a number of side effects when using Viagra and they include thefollowing;

• Irregular heartbeat

• Swelling in your hands, feet as well asankles

• A headache and dizziness

• Erection is painful and lasts longer thanfour hours which result in permanent tissue damage and impotence.

• Sudden change of vision or complete loss ofvision

• Symptoms of heart attack resulting in chestpain that is spreading towards your jaws and shoulders

• Stuffy nose, muscle pain and back pain

• Flushing

• Upset stomach

How to buyViagra online

In order tobuy Viagra online, you need a prescription. Online services are ideallyconvenient and allow you to obtain a medication as well as a prescriptionwithout seeing a doctor face-to-face. However, essentially, to place an orderit is of great importance to fill in a brief assessment questionnaire andselect your preferred treatment. Therefore, men suffering from the erectiledisorder can reach out the online store at and buy qualitygeneric Viagra. This website is the most trusted brand since its main goal isto satisfy customers as well as build a good reputation online.

GenericViagra for sale

GenericViagra is a great remedy for men to recover their sexual health. Generic Viagrais the best to reply to men suffering from sexual dysfunction. The drug istaken orally accompanied with a glass of water. This drug is approved by FDAand doctors suggest being taken on prescription. In addition, generic Viagra ispocket-friendly since its cheap and inexpensive.


Viagraonline pharmacies have assured quality as well as nonprescription drugs. BuyingViagra online will not disappoint men suffering from an erectile disorder.

Conclusionto Viagra

Viagra canbe taken any time before the sexual act. It has severe consequences if takenthe overdose. Ideally, this condition arises when men take more than two pillsin one day. Storing Viagra at home can be dangerous since it threatens thelifespan of children and women.

Viagra generico da Italia

comprare sildenafil Italia
comprare sildenafil Italia

Levitra – ExcellentErectile Dysfunction Medicine

After readingsome reviews I started taking Levitra from past three months. And I am reallysatisfied with the results. It is branded by vardenafil and gives far betterresult than available simulating pills in the market. The Viagra is a wellbrand in this segment; however, Levitra works effectively without much sideeffect. The major difference between Levitra and Viagra is the less reactiveattitude of the Levitra medicine with alcohol, food or other food taken withmeals. The Levitra medicine should not be taken with excessive alcohol whichcan increase the risk of low blood pressure, headache or dizziness. Apart fromthis, grapefruit or beverage containing citric acid should be avoided as thiscan influence the metabolism. This is one of the significant factors which makeLevitra different from other available medicine. Apart from this, there is someevidence where Levitra work excellently in a diabetic condition other thanerectile dysfunction pills. One thing needs to be considered that different erectiledysfunction pills suit differently among the users.

It is difficult to prescribe erectiledysfunction medicine, however, I can say Levitra works perfectly andeffectively in any condition. I usually take 10mg Levitra once in a day whichnever failed me in gaining maximum satisfaction. The dose may differ with age,men older than 65 should take 5 mg of Levitra in a day. The medicine mainlyenhances the venous congestion which helps in keeping an erection during theintercourse. This product comes in two forms mouth dissolving or a tablet thatcan be taken with water.

Levitra works by preventing theaction of phosphordiesterase type-5, which is a chemical in our body andrelaxes the muscles in our blood vessels and increases the flow of blood to thepenis for getting and keeping an erection. Levitra is available in tablet formand is taken exactly as prescribed by the pharmacist. The instruction given inthe prescription should be followed. It is usually taken 25-60 minutes beforedoing sex with or without food. A single dose is preferred in 24 hours. Levitratablet is available in three strengths: 5mg, 10mg, and 20 mg. It is mainlystored at room temperature away from direct heat and light. .The drugs withtheir usual effects also can cause side-effects although it is not experiencedby everyone. The patient who is allergic to Vardenafil should avoid taking thetablets. The patients who take medicines for treating pulmonary arterialhypotension should also avoid taking Levitra tablets. The some of the side-effectsassociated with the Levitra tablets include headache, flushing, stuffy/runnynose or dizziness. There is a change in the vision with increased sensitivityto the light, blurring of vision and trouble of recognizing blue and greencolor apart may occur. Levitra tablets side-effects are found in less than 1 in10 men. The unwanted effect of the drug gets better with the adjustment of thenew drug with the body. The Levitra is solely manufactured for men andcan be harmful during breastfeeding or pregnancy. It is essential to use thismedicine with care and should avoid an overdose of It. However, I can say, thisLevitra medicine is one of the best erectile dysfunction medicine available inthe market.

Italia Cialis generico

Cialis prezzo farmacia Italia
Cialis prezzo farmacia Italia

How are you copping up with yoursexual life? Well, if not perfect, I may have a solution for you. As a matterof fact, there is a way to help you spice up sexual intercourse with youpartner. All you need to is to buy Cialis soft in Australia.

Cialis soft is known for its abilityto treat male erectile dysfunction. In fact, generic Cialis has been formulatedto last much longer than its counterpart Viagra. In addition, Cialis soft has agreater advantage compared to Viagra as you can use it together with alcohol

What is the difference betweengeneric Cialis soft and generic Cialis tablets actually; there is a very big transformationthat gives generic Cialis soft an upper hand to Cialis tablets. They include:


Generic Cialis soft are smaller andthus easy to swallow. Tablets are not easy to swallow. Most people out there preferliquid medication or even injection just to avoid swallowing tablets. But withCialis soft it will be so easy for you.

Work very fast

Time taken for Cialis soft medicationto work is not that much. To be specific it only takes about 36 to 45 minutesfor Cialis soft to work. That shortens the period at which you will wait foryour body to respond to medication.

Can be taken with alcohol

In most cases men enjoy sex when theyhave taken alcohol, not that much but at least alcohol that will keep themhigh. If you are this kind of a man, you will not have to fore gore your fun,all you need to do is to have fun whether drunk or not.

Long lasting

Did you know the more you last longduring sexual activity the more you enjoy it. Women enjoy it more with a manwho takes long during sexual intercourse. Long lasting means sexualsatisfaction among the partners. With Cialis soft you can last up to 36 hours.

Effects of Cialis soft

Cialis soft increases your body’s abilityto maintain sex erection for long during sexual stimulation. The drug works byrelaxing blood vessels resulting to an erection for sexual excitement. Note that Cialis soft gel caps are just fortreatment but not cure for an ED condition. You should be aware that Cialis softdoes not protect you from sexual transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrheaetc.

How to take generic Cialis soft caps

It is important to take Cialis softstrictly as prescribed. You are required to take it one hour prior to sexual activity.For better results, take Cialis soft at least three hours after having a heavymeal because caps should always be taken on an empty stomach for betterresults.

Drug dosage

The maximum preferred daily dosagefor Cialis cap is one capsule which is equivalent to one cap per day. If you exceedthat dosage you will be increasing the risk of possible after use effects. Apparently,you are free to use Cialis caps as you like because they have no effects whenyou stop using them.

How to buy Cialis soft gel caps

If you are in Australia, you can makean online order and within the shortest time possible, Cialis caps will bedistributed to you. You can also order from any recognized chemist counter. Generally,you can make an order from any other part of the world and you will be privilegedwith free shipment.

Viagra generico in Italia contrassegno

Viagra economico Italia
Viagra economico Italia


Erectile dysfunction issimply defined as impotence or the inability of proper penis election. It is aproblem that a lot of men are experiencing in the current world. Viagra softalso known as Generic Viagra Soft is an anti-impotence drug used to improve sexlife of a man. Erectile dysfunction has gained popularity in the currentgeneration and with the help of Viagra soft, men should not worry anymore abouttheir sex life.

How does Viagra Softwork?

The drug will work whenone is sexually stimulated. Once you take the pill, all you need now is alittle stimulation from your partner, and you will be ready to give the bestshort in bed. What happens is that it helps in relaxing and expansion of thearteries in your penis. These will now allow more blood to come inside andautomatically compresses the veins carrying the blood out of your penis. As a result, your penis hardens and give youa good time during sex.

Viagra soft dosage.

Generic Viagra softcomes in three frequent doses that include 25gm, 50gm, and 100gm. Before takingany dosage, there are important things you should consider. Pay a visit to adoctor and have him explain if the pill suits you. It is because some peoplewill not work well with the drug especially those experiencing heart diseases,liver problem, and low blood pressure among others. If you have already takenthe preferred dosage, the drug will be active after 45 minutes or so. Afteractivation, the drug will be effective for about four to five hours and theseis a real time to satisfy your partner.

Viagra Soft Side effects.

Despite the fact thatGeneric Viagra soft helps people with erectile dysfunction, the users may be ina position to experience some adverse side effects. One of the major sideeffects is the fact that when one starts to use Generic Viagra soft, theprocedure should be continuous each and every time one want to have sex. Thatmeans no Viagra no sex. Other side effects experienced by users are:

• The drug causes blurred vision.

• The user might experience stomach upset.

• A severe headache and,

• Some experience prolonged erectionresulting in one losing his potency.

How to Buy GenericViagra soft online in Australia.

You can now get GenericViagra soft online at affordable price. Australia online service assures youquality products which are well branded. Remember on every site is genuine andthat’s while I highly recommend you to get your pill from Australia onlineservice. For Viagra branding, the pill should always be blue in color anddiamond shaped.


To avoid unnecessaryproblems to your health always seek medical attention. Keep in mind that theseis not a hormone and thus requires stimulation.

acquisto Cialis generico in Italia

sildenafil generico Italia costo
sildenafil generico Italia costo

The process of buying any product is always similar and thatis why you don’t have to engage yourself in hefty shopping spree. If you arereading this then you are probably coming from New Zealand and its vicinity. Besidesthat you are probably an adult about the age of 50 who is experiencing prematureejaculation or penis erection that won’t last long. Male impotency is a common conditionespecially when you are on the mentioned age bracket and above. Having thatsaid you should be a worried man because Cialis is absolutely here to tackleyour condition. Many physical changes take place in your body when you grow oldand immature ejaculation is one of them. This will cause you to decline yoursexual endeavors because you will not be in a position to help yourselfsexually or your partner too.

Why then Should You Use Cialis?

As mentioned briefly, changes in your body at an advance ageare inevitable though they can be reversed. You are not able to erect the wayyou want when you are in your 60s but by using Cialis, you can get that hard erectionyou have been fantasying about. When you take this oral drug which is in formof a pill, your body will work in such a way that the penis veins will open toallow more blood. More blood in your penis is a direct confirmation that youwill be able to engage in coitus for so long thus keeping premature ejaculationat bay and at the same time your partner will enjoy it. Through this way,Cialis which is a male impotency drug used globally will restore your bedtimes memorieswhich were so great.

How then Do I Buy Cialis in New Zealand

Cialis is a product which has been allowed to be sold tomale who have male impotency in most parts of the world and New Zealand is no exception.You can comfortably visit a local pharmacy shop and buy your pills. If you arenot an enthusiast of buying stuff locally, there are authorized websites thatsell Cialis to any willing buyer. The drug will then be sent to your postal addressmaybe after 24 hours or it can depend with the courier company.

Many men have used this product and the positive resultsthey got made them to share their expertise in bed at old age to their friends.Now it is your time to also show the world the magic in bed courtesy of Cialis.

Cialis generico Italia si può avere

acquistare Cialis online in Italia
acquistare Cialis online in Italia

Right movement of muscles is a good indication of a healthy body. If they move properly you can be assured that you have a maintained health. Some people experience less erection which hampers their happy life. It creates many issues, but a new product called cialis is arrived in the market for those patients to get relief from the stressful life. Purchasing a generic cialis soft can cure you with a guarantee to retain the sexual health.

Muscle movement:

This medicine focused at to give you with the desirable erection. Purchasing cialis soft refreshes the blood flow, regulate and creates an erection which you have had at the age of eighteen. These promising health each body longs to get for long, hence consult your doctor and buy this pills from online store. The medical specialist also now has started to suggest this medicine because of its some blessings. It helps you with good care to the muscle movement in common and erection in particular.

Online stores:

Cialis soft is found in generic form to be taken easily. The pill is solely focused to assist you with that issue. The online facility is with that guarantee to give you with protectiveness to the sensitive parts of the body. Online medical store give services to offer this pills for order hence that you can be able to access the medicine easily.


This drug is an eternal solution to your lingering issues because if one is not satisfied with the sex life, online medical store thus are ready to help you to offer you a desired function. You can easily purchase this medicine at a discount rate. Prescription medicine function accurately and some may create side effects to the users under treatment for different problems. The reason why these drugs contains some side effects is due to the reason the medicine is passing throughout the body and may impact other body parts that are not liked for the medicine ingredients to treat. Hence it is good for the men to get information about the medicine side effects, so that the patients can be able to take right actions if they experience any side effects. Fast and strong erection is a benefit you receive from cialis, it can be taken according to your preference without or with foods. When compared to the effects given by other same medicine in the market cialis soft is beneficial.

Side effects:

The negative side effects of this pill are back and chest pain, headache etc. Price is also considered as one of the cons of this pill. It is very costly than other similar medicines. There are lot of restrictions as to what a patient can or cannot eat while taking this medicine. There are number of online store that sells this drug at a discount rate, so search online by entering the correct keyword. You will get a list of names, check the website whether it is legitimate to sell right quality of medicine. After confirming this, you can make the order for cialis soft.

Cialis generico Italia si può avere

Cialis generico Italia prezzo
Cialis generico Italia prezzo

Sex is a basic need, and it needs to be satisfied just like any other need. When it comes to the desire, however, there is something more about it. No other human desire is as intense as that of sexual drive. And so is the resulting satisfaction. Ask any man and he will tell you that nothing is so sweet. That man also knows what it takes to do it. A man needs an erection!
But not all men are naturally capable of having an erection whenever they feel sexually aroused. Even if they ever have erections, it is short lived for these guys. This condition for men is known as erectile dysfunction.
Cialis is a prescription drug made to help those men with erectile dysfunction to have a healthy and an effective erection whenever they desire. The drug works by increasing blood flow into the male sex organ. More and more men are using Cialis with little or no issues. These men are happy with the medicine for they are now sexually potent like any other guy. The drug has boosted their confidence too. It is common for men with erectile dysfunction to feel rather frustrated. Not only sexually frustrated, these men usually shy away at all from sex. But with Cialis, life is full for a man. By using the drug prescribed by a physician and using it as instructed, any man can lead a happy and healthy sex life. Another plus for the drug is that is very easy to use.
Cialis can be used as required. It can be taken starting from thirty minutes before sexual intercourse. But to get the best out of it, this prescription drug is advised to be taken exactly an hour before doing sex. In fact, most of the reviews of Cialis users are testimonies to this. Many of them have reported the one hour period has given them the best result.
Cialis , like any other prescription drug, must be taken with proper care. First of all, it should never be taken without a doctor’s prescription. This is because the doctor needs to check whether the individual is allergic to the drug or not. Some people are naturally allergic to Cialis , which is chemically a member of Tadalafil. Secondly, if the man taking feels something unusual like severe headache or if he encounters serious vision problems, he should tell his doctor immediately. Even though the drug has perfectly worked for a vast majority of men, there may be those very few who are not compatible with it. In fact, this is true with all other drugs.

Kamagra generico Italia farmacia

Kamagra farmacia senza ricetta
Kamagra farmacia senza ricetta

Sex has always had a huge part in a man’s life.
By no means, there is no other matter as important
as a healthy and fulfilling sex life. And for any issues
related to erection, there is a real solution. It is a medical
solution namely Viagra.

Viagra is a drug solution for erection issues, particularly
erectile dysfunction. This is the case where a man fails
to have an effective erection during sexual intercourse.
Using Viagra makes a man capable of having and maintaining

Viagra has gained what can be called an international
recognition over the years. No other drug has reached
the huge sales level of Viagra in such a short period.
Over the last decade, the drug has reached the markets
not only in growing volumes but also in a variety
of forms. Kamagra is just one good example among

Kamagra is nothing but one generic form of the
famous Viagra. The drug was approved by the
FDA in 1998. This means the chemical content
inside Kamagra is Sildenafil Citrate. To know
more about Kamagra, it would be helpful to study
the nature and working mechanism of the chemical
Sildenafil Citrate.

Chemically, Kamagra is very similar to Viagra. Its mechanism is based on chemical inhibitor medically known as Sildenafil Citrate, a PDE5 inhibitor. It deals with blood flow into the penis, where both muscle relaxation and rich inflow are induced. These cause the penis to grow firm and stay hard relatively for a long time. In other words, by using
Kamagra, a victim of erectile dysfunction can actively engage in sex just like a normal guy. But there are very important measures to be considered before starting the treatment.

It is wise to consult a physician before starting Kamagra treatment.
Otherwise, some avoidable problems might result some serious
outcomes. For example, men with history of heart attack are not advised
to take Kamagra at all. Consulting a doctor also helps understanding
the related side effects. Expected side effects of Kamagra are not very
worrying. These include headaches, nasal conjestion, dizziness and
nausea. In rare cases of acute pains, a physician should be contcted

Kamgra tablets are similar to the common Viagra.
Little blue tablets of diamond shape, the drug is
available either in a package of four or as a single one.
The tablets of Kamagra are to be taken orally using
fluid, preferably water. Dosage is simple. The proper
dosage is 50 mg per day. This pill can be taken any
time as desired, but it is most effective when administered
an hour before sexual intercourse.

Cialis generico Italia prezzo

Cialis generico spedito dall'Italia
Cialis generico spedito dall’Italia

Expressing sexual intimacy and pleasing the special person in your life is a wonderful experience for both of you. Not only does it bring you close emotionally but is physically satisfying and great for your health. Recent studies have shown that regular sexual activity can boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, burn calories, ease pain, lessen risk of heart attacks, improve sleep, lower stress levels, and may even lower the risk of prostate cancer. Wow – that’s an impressive list of reasons to have frequent sex!

But what if you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection? This is an issue known as erectile dysfunction, or ED for short. Approximately 30 million men in the United States suffer from this condition. It is a problem that unfortunately may not get better on its own, yet often goes untreated because men are too embarrassed to discuss it with their health care providers. How terrible to miss out on such a satisfying part of life when there is help for it! Among the treatments for erectile dysfunction is an effective medication called Cialis.

Cialis is a medication for correcting ED that has been on the market since 2003. This medicine works by relaxing certain muscles and directing more blood flow to them. It works to help maintain erections for sexual activity by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis and keeping it erect while the man is sexually aroused. One of the advantages to using Cialis is that it boasts the fastest reaction time of the ED drugs on the market – about 20 minutes to a half hour – which is very convenient and you don’t have to always plan ahead to take it. This medication only needs to be taken once a day but it is long lasting, keeping its effects for up to 36 hours. This provides an obvious advantage in that a man doesn’t have to worry about the effects of the drug wearing off too quickly. Because of the slow breakdown of the drug and its eventual buildup in the body, men can experience longer times of being able to have an erection, making for a more spontaneous and fun sexual life!

But how well does this medicine work for treating ED? The answer is: very well! Cialis boasts a success rate of 70% or above. Another benefit to Cialis is that men can consume any food or alcohol (in moderation) without affecting the drug. So take your Cialis, treat your romantic partner to a candlelight dinner and a glass of wine, and have a beautiful evening!”