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What Can Viagra Do For You In Australia

Erectile dysfunction in Australia

There is a problem that occurs in men and affects their ability to sexually perform is diminished. This problem is known as erectile dysfunction and it affects around 1 million in Australia. Erectile dysfunction occurs mostly in men who are over the age of 50 but it is not limited to elderly. Sometimes circumstances such as social anxiety, injuries, or side effects of medication can cause erectile dysfunction. It is not unheard of for a person to suddenly experience erectile dysfunction even if they are not over 50. In cases such as these, it is typically an internal factor such as social anxiety or depression. There are various causes of erectile dysfunction therefore there must be several ways of treating it.

Most doctors are equipped to quickly diagnose and prescribe a treatment to men experiencing erectile dysfunction. The most common treatment for erectile dysfunction is called Viagra.

Do I need medication?

There are sometimes cases where erectile dysfunction can be slight to moderate and may not require pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes a little bit of counseling can go a long ways and speaking with a therapist can help the issue. If you think you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, speak with your doctor and explain the symptoms you are experiencing. Note, if you only experience erectile dysfunction once in a while then chances are is probably due to something like alcohol or embarrassment. Erectile dysfunction typically only affects men who experience long-term failure to perform and get hard. Moving on to how erectile dysfunction is most commonly treated, this is actually a pharmaceutical drug called Viagra. Viagra is an erectile dysfunction medication designed for men and helps combat the process that prohibits an erection.

How Erections Work

When a man becomes sexually stimulated, a signal is sent to increase blood flow to the penis. However, if this signal is disrupted and then an erection will not occur. The way erectile dysfunction medication works such as Viagra, it targets the enzyme which stops the signal. when the enzyme is no longer blocking the signal then increased blood flow can occur to the penis. For an erection to happen, the blood flow must increase and filled up with in the shaft of the penis. At the same time that blood vessels are expanding that carry blood to the penis, the blood vessels that carry the blood away get smaller. This causes the two cavities in the penis called the Corpus cavernosum to become enlarged.

Viagra online

Viagra can be purchased at any pharmacy and at some online sources. It is typically taken 30 minutes before sex and its effects last between three and four hours. Viagra comes in the form of a small blue pill that is taken orally with or without food. Side effects can include blurred vision, Headache, nausea, and muscle and back pain. However, most people do not experience a side effect as a result of Viagra.

Kamagra prezzo farmacia Italia

Kamagra Italian translation
Kamagra Italian translation

Most men do not sexually satisfy their partner due toerectile dysfunction. However, if you are such kind of men, then consider usingkamagra because it is the best medication that treats erectile dysfunction veryeffectively. This medication ensures that you have achieved and maintained ahard erect penis for a long period. Perhaps, the best-known generic version ofViagra manufactured in India is Kamagra.

Being unable to perform sexual activity is due toinsufficient blood flow into the penis. However, if you take kamagra tablets,the blood vessels in your penis are relaxed, hence increasing the flow of bloodthat makes the penis to become erectile. You can get this medication veryeasily through online without a prescription since it is very easy to use.

This medication only works if you are sexually aroused andit is advisable to take it within an hour of planned sex. The tablet dissolvesvery quickly in the blood and within 30 minutes, you will get an erection thatwill last for around 4-6 hours. Before you take kamagra, make sure you have nottaken a large meal so that the tablet does not take long to work.

Notably, it is important to ensure that you do not take thistablet as a regular medication for your problem because you are only requiredto take one tablet a day. You can also consult the doctor before taking thetablet since it can be very dangerous to take medication without any consultation.

You may experience some side effects after taking thistablet. Some of these side effects include dizziness, indigestion, flushing,headache, nasal congestion, diarrhea, and rash. Therefore, you can minimize theside effects by increasing water intake since side effects associated witherectile dysfunction products are due to dehydration.

In addition, you might experience more side effects such asbleeding from the nose, urinary tract infection, blood in the urine, unusualheartbeat, persistent headache or fainting, changes of vision such as greaterawareness of light, blurring, or a blue color to your vision.

However, consider kamagra if you are suffering from erectiledysfunction. You can purchase these tablets through online at a cheaper price.The price depends on the number of pills you want to buy. For instance, theprice of one tablet will be .50 if you buy more than 100 pills and if youpurchase less than 20 pills, the price of one tablet will be .00, which isdouble the price of buying more than 100 pills. Therefore, consider buying asmany pills as possible if you want to save money.

Kamagra senza ricetta

comprare Kamagra in Italia in contrassegno
comprare Kamagra in Italia in contrassegno

Kamagra pills are very successful, popular and approvedtreatment by those suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is effective for allthose people struggling to attain and maintain good erection during sexual intercourse.The pills help a person to have a harder, long lasting erection in order to beable to satisfy his sexual partner in the process. It is effective because itcontains ingredients known as sildenafil citrate which helps in enhancing bloodflow to the penis, resulting to better erections and enhanced sexual performance.In order to get the best results while using this medicine, you are required touse it with an hour before you engage into the sexual activity. It becomeseffective within half an hour after you take it. This makes it effective becauseit gives the expected results fast compared to many other medicines used totreat erection dysfunction. Its positive effects take approximately four to sixhours.

Dosage and storage

Just like many other medications, it is important that youuse Kamagra according with the recommended guidelines provided by your doctor onthe label. You are supposed to take the right dosage in order to get the positiveresults. In case you forget to take the dose, you should not double dose thenext time you take it. This is necessary in order to avoid negative effectsthat might occur as a result of this. To ensure efficiency, make sure that you storethis medicine in a dry and cool place. The medicine should also be kept faraway from any place where children can reach or access it.

Possible side effects

In most cases most men who use the medicine do not sufferfrom any side effects. This makes it one of the safest drugs that you can useto treat erectile dysfunction. However, you may face minor side effects whichwill go away within a few hours. Some of such minor effects include dizziness,mild headache, stuffy nose, facial flushing, stomach upset and you might alsodevelop some sensitivity to bright lights. In case you do not adhere to the recommendeddosage you might get severe effects such as impaired vision or prolongederections. In case of such side effects it is advisable that you contact your doctorbecause such effects may be fatal or cause other severe health problems.


It is good to note that Kamagra pills are not for everyone. Youneed to follow these guidelines to avoid the side effects. Here are some of thewarnings.

· Do not consume the pills on daily basis if youare not planning to engage in sexual activity.

· Do not use it when you suffer from severe hearproblem, hypertension, liver or kidney diseases.

· Never combine it with medicines containing nitrates,alcohol or alcoholic beverages.

acquisto Kamagra in contrassegno

acquistare Kamagra farmacia
acquistare Kamagra farmacia

Kamagra jelly is one of the effective products in the marketused in treatment of erectile dysfunction. The sachets can be squeezed easilyout onto a spoon and be swallowed without any problem. This medication containssildenafil citrate the similar amount found in kamagra tablets. However, itcontains different features such as flavors, fast action and the fact that itis found in liquid form for easy consumption. One of the major benefits of thismedication is that it becomes effective within ten minutes because of itsability to be absorbed into the body quickly. In addition, many people find ithard to swallow the hard pills making kamagra jelly more effective because ofits liquid form. It is provided in different flavors and quantities that mayinclude chocolate, mint, orange, mango, pineapple, strawberry and vanilla.

How it works

This medication is approved and works quickly compared toother erectile dysfunction medications. The sildenafil citrate contained inthis medicine inhibits cGMP type five enzymes that make it hard for erection tooccur. In addition, it makes the blood vessels in the penis to widen leading tohigh blood flow leading to harder erection. It starts working within ten minutes and itseffect can take four to six hours. Just like with other erectile dysfunctionmedications, sexual stimulation is required for it to provide the best results.

The rightdosage

Kamagra jelly is taken orally by mouth at about ten totwenty minutes before engaging in sexual activity. You should take it bytearing the sachet and squeezing the jelly into the mouth. You can also put iton a spoon and take it from there. The flavored ones are easy to swallow andbecomes effective very quickly. The highest dosage you should take is 100mgsachet once in a day. You should never take more than the recommended dosagebecause this increases the chances of getting side effects.

Tips andstorage

Kamagra jelly should be stored in a dry and cool placeaway from direct sunlight. In addition, it should be kept in a place where itcannot be accessed by the children or pets.

Possible side effects

Just like with many other medications, you might experience someside effects after using this medication. The good thing is that the sideeffects you get from this medication are mild and may just last after a fewhours. Some of the common side effects include: dizziness, running nose,headaches, facial flushing, nasal congestion and stomach upsets. Some seriousside effects might include erections that might last for more than four hours, temporallyloss of hearing or vision. If youexperience these side effects, you should consult your doctor.

acquisto Kamagra originale

acquistare Kamagra
acquistare Kamagra

Kamagra, the brand name for Slidenafil Citratte, is used by men with erectile dysfunction. It is similar to other drugs like Viagra. Kamagra is made in India by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals and exported from there. It can be purchased without a prescription unlike other medications for erectile dysfunction. Men find this is a good thing since some are too embarrassed to see a physician for this problem or their ego won’t allow them to. It truly is best to check with your physician before taking this or any medications though. Kamagra is now available through international websites. Kumara is FDA(Federal Drug Administration) approved. This drug is sold mainly in India, in some Asian countries and Latin American countries. It is not widely sold in the United Kingdom, USA or Australia.
Kamagra is said to be “amazing” not only by the manufacturer but by the men who have used it. It is available in jelly, tablets and a soluble effervescent form. This medication is not a cure for erectile dysfunction but is extremely effective to correct the problem. It is taken one hour before sexual activity. There are several blog sites on the internet where men extol the virtues of Kamagra and its effects on their “bedroom activates”.
Kamagra is a generic drug therefore the manufacturer can supple it at a cheaper price than other drugs of this type such as Viagra. The pills, ordered through an online drug store are about .75 per pill or 2.58 for 30 100mg pills.
As with any medication there can be side effects which include runny nose, upset stomach, back pain, flushing, headaches, light-headedness, shortness of breath, sudden loss of vision or hearing, swelling of the ankles, hand and feet, and also fainting. Check with you Doctor if you take medications for headaches before taking this drug.

Kamagra acquisto Italia

sildenafil generico Italia costo
sildenafil generico Italia costo

Kamagra is a pharmaceutically recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.The medications are clinically tried to ensure they contain similar content as the identical brand, however cost essentially short of what the first cost. Most men experience finest results at the first event when they attempt Kamagra, yet a couple of men will have to take pills a couple of times before experiencing a complete erection. In case you have been inactive sexually for quite sometime, you may have to attempt a couple times before Kamagra 100 mg responds to you. There are blends of measures available, so if you don’t meet accomplishment with lower dosage, then you can advantage from a dose increment to the maximum day to day dose of 100 mg.

Kamagra is a medication embraced to rectify erectile dysfunction through expanding blood flow to penis. This medication is a non-specific type of the predominant medication Viagra, security and unwavering quality of Kamagra is similar to that of the same brand name proportionate. Kamagra 100mg is a profitable supplement, their brand comparable medical substance is similar to that of same brand equal. Kamagra tablets are availabe in a single dosage of 100 mg. It is an exceptionally effective medication and should work for the most men. In case you have taken Viagra a while ago and had extraordinary results, then it will respond you.

Kamagra 100mg ought to be taken under exhortation from a family doctor. The medication ought to also be taken around 30min preceding sex. If swallowed on an empty stomach, the medication will start its effect much quick. It is suggested that you take the tablet or the Kamagra 100mg oral jelly dosage entire with water. It ought not be utilized more than ones per day.

To benefit as much as could reasonably be expected from the medication, it is suggested that you don’t take it whilst influenced by alcohol, having said that there isn’t any peril in bringing Kamagra with alcohol; however don’t anticipate that it will be such effective.

Do not to worry about Kamagra side effects as this medicine is not really dangerous or it is not having any life taking side effects. But you can see Kamagra side effects for the initial few times of its utilization. They are mild and they vanish in just few days. Vomiting, mild headache and stomach upset are few mild side effects of the medicine. When any of the side effects are persistent, then you ought to stop taking the medicine and inform the doctor.

acquistare Kamagra con postepay

Kamagra senza ricetta medica
Kamagra senza ricetta medica

Kamagra is the most widely used form of generic Viagra. It isnot only effective in treating erectile dysfunction but is available at acheaper price than Viagra. This is why many men have opted for it as the drugof choice for treating impotence. There are several forms of Kamagra including tabletsto be swallowed whole, self-dissolving tablets and Kamagra jelly. Here is aclose up on the jelly formulation and how one can purchase it online.

Kamagra jelly is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma in India. It containsthe same active ingredient (sildenafil citrate) as Viagra and is used in thetreatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction. It worksby increasing the levels of blood flowing to the affected areas by prolongingthe effects of nitric oxide. Once taken, the effects can be felt in as littleas 20minutes. Kamagra jelly is available is available in strengths of 100mg asa liquid-like jelly. There are several flavors available from which one canchoose from including banana, strawberry, cherry and apple. Why is this jelly abetter option compared to Kamagra or even Viagra tablets? It reaches the bloodstream much faster and therefore its effects are felt sooner. Its uptake iseasy too without the need to use a glass of water. The jelly easily dissolvesin the mouth.

Kamagra jelly is available online where it is sold by manypharmacies. It however is not FDA-approved and its use is regarded as illegalin the United States and other countries including the United Kingdom. People inthese countries can however still purchase it online as it is not a strictprescription-only medication. The approval is not because the drug is ineffectivebut because these countries have not ascertained the conditions under which thedrug is manufactured. It however has been proven to be as effective as Viagrabut much cheaper. This is because the manufacturer is not tasked withdeveloping the actual formula of the drug but just makes it like Viagra. Thecost of production is therefore much cheaper and subsequently the price for theend-user. If you cannot afford Viagra, then Kamagra jelly is an alternative youshould consider. But how do you buy Kamagra jelly online?

There are so many online pharmacies selling Kamagra jelly. Thefirst step is to identify a reliable one to shop at. Look for one with atrusted reputation and that guarantees the quality of the drugs they sell. Confirmthat they ship to your country and their shipping conditions are up tostandards. A comparison in prices will help you get a good deal. The packagessold will also affect the price. The more the sachets in a package, the betterthe deal you get. A wise decision will be to purchase the most abundant packagesold. Once you have settled on a package of your choice, add to cart and thenproceed to payout. Though each pharmacy’s website will be different, the basicswill be the same. Remember to provide your address for the shipping. Once youare done with making the order, confirm how long it will take to process thetransaction and be ready to receive the package. All that will be left is abetter sex life if the intended use is in treating impotence.

comprare Kamagra Italia online

acquisto Kamagra in contrassegno
acquisto Kamagra in contrassegno

Kamagra is a prescription drug which is commonly used for a treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and high blood pressure. The drug provides men with high quality, efficient and safe medication that treat embarrassing problems that arise during intimate moments. The product also enhances woman’s libido that ignites her passion for lovemaking. Kamagra contains Sildenafil citrate ingredient which is similar to Cialis and Viagra. The drug was approved by Food and Drug Administration in 1998, and it is only marketed outside the United States. The medicine was the first Anti –impotent drug to be introduced in the market.

How Kamagra Works

Kamagra is available in three forms, oral jelly, soft tabs and 100 mg tablets. Kamagra 100 mg jelly is the most preferred erectile dysfunction cure in Australia due to its exciting flavors. The drug works within 30 minutes after taking the pill. It enhances the hydraulic effect of blood entering in the sponge- like bodies within the penile regions. Kamagra helps– men to feel the gain sensitivity of genitals. It maintains the erection for four to six hours with quality and stable erection during of sexual intercourse. Furthermore, it provides extension, and it enhances sexual pleasure.

Kamagra Side Effects


The common side effect of Kamagra is a mild headache. The study reveals that a problem occurs in about 15 percent of the patients. Sildenafil nitrate increased body temperature causes dehydration and affects blood flow thus it lead to a headache. It is also reported that a problem is caused by sensitization and hyperexcitability of sensory nerve terminals.


This is another side effect that affects around 10 percent of the patients. The effect is due to change in body temperature and increase blood flow to the particular area of the body. It usually occurs during sexual stimulation and happens in waist, genitals, face and chest. Flushing subsidies after orgasm have been completed. Furthermore, it makes the patient feel dizzy all causes blood pressure throughout the body.

Digestive problems

The product causes digestive problems like diarrhea and indigestion. High intake of doses affects gastrointestinal system. Kamagra relaxes the smooth muscle found in the digestive tract. This problem can be offset by drinking a lot of water and refrain from greasy foods. Alcohol strengthens the digestive problem that usually occurs from taking Kamagra.


Kamagra is should be administered under prescription. After doctor’s prescription, you can buy from Australia stores on you buy online. You are advice not to take with alcohol or when you are under medication. Also, overdosing is not allowed it caused side effects. You should ensure you talk with the medical specialist before taking any step of taking Kamagra. The drug is suitable for treating impotence, rapid onset of orgasm and erectile dysfunction for men between 18 to 82 years. Use Kamagra boost your sexual life!

Kamagra online farmacia Italia

Kamagra senza ricetta in inghilterra
Kamagra senza ricetta in inghilterra

Kamagra jelly is one of the most effective drug youcan use of you suffer from erectile dysfunction. It has same active ingredient sildenafiljust like Viagra. This is a more affordable medication and this is why it isbecoming common among many people who buy the drugs from online stores. Thepresence of sildenafil makes it work effectively in the treatment ofpsychogenic and organic sexual dysfunction. Its efficacy reaches 60-85 percentdepending on the pathogenesis and etiology of the ED. The drug has also gainedmore popularity among men because is helps in intensifying orgasm and enhancesexual satisfaction. However, just like many other erectile dysfunction drugs, youmust be stimulated before engaging into the actual sexual intercourse.


Easy to take

Kamagra jelly gives you an opportunity to use thecommon generic of Viagra in a new form. The gel is taken directly from the sachetor dissolving it in non alcoholic beverages. This makes it easy to take thedrug compared to others that are available in pill form. If you have problem swallowingtablets, consuming the gel is easier and enjoyable. In addition, the fact thatit is found in gel form makes it possible to take it in different ways such asswallowing it directly or dissolving in other liquids. It is also available inwide range of pleasant flavors such as peach, pineapple or strawberry, makingit tasty to take.

Shorterreaction time

One of the major benefits of using kamagra jelly isthat it has shorter reaction because its major ingredients get absorbed intothe blood flow very fast. This makes the drug to act faster than most of othertables used to treat erectile dysfunction. While its take sildenafil at leasthalf or one hour to reach its peak effect, with kamagra jelly it will only takeyou as short as fourteen minutes.

High successrate and durability

Kamagra jelly has a strong efficacy profile with morethan 85 percent success rate among clients. Its effects can also last in thebody for up to twelve hours. It also has fewer side effects compared to manyother ED drugs.

Its characteristics

Kamagra jelly has characteristics that are identicalto those of the normal kamagra tablets or other drugs containing sildenafil. Beforeyou use the pills it is important to consult your doctor. This is especially ifyou suffer from cardiovascular problems, kidney or liver disease.

generic Kamagra Italia

vendita Kamagra generico Italia
vendita Kamagra generico Italia

BuyKamagra oral jelly in Australia

Viagra has been long known amongst maleswith erectile dysfunction or also to improve sexual performance. But here webring you a new revolutionary product called as the KAMAGRA. It can be used asa synonym to viagra in terms of its effects but the difference is that KAMAGRAis a much more improved version of it and many a times cheaper as well.

KAMAGRA as we might observe composes ofKAMA(sutra) and (Via)GRA and truly justifies its name. It gives you thesatisfaction of Viagra and ability to do all the Kamasutra stuff with yourpartner. This product will surely give your sexual life a whole new dimension.

About the product:

Its origin traces back to India wherethis product has been in use for the past some time now. Chemically speakingits components are more or less similar to that of viagra i.e SILDENAFIL whichis responsible for all the magic that this revolutionary KAMAGRA JELLY does.Some other benefits of KAMAGRA jelly includes intensification of orgasm andbetter sexual satisfaction for you as well as your partner. One of the major advantagesof KAMAGRA is that the people using this product have to be stimulated sexuallybefore the magic starts. Whereas in viagra it starts working as soon as it isingested, this could be a problem sometimes.

About Sildenafil:

Sildenafil which is the key ingredientof KAMAGRA JELLY was originally developed for curing angina pectoris which is acardiac disease. But after testing, it was observed that rather than increasingcardiac blood flow it increased the flow of blood towards genitals which cameas a blessing in disguise. Since then it has been widely used for curingErectile Dysfunctions in males, which is quite a remedy to male between age of 30 and 70 yrs across the world.


It may sound a bit strange to relate a gellywith such qualities. But it’s called the MAGIC JELLY for obvious reasons.Taking a pill and improving your sexual performance seems a bit boring as wellas mainstream. But imagine trying this jelly which comes in different tasty flavorssuch as pineapple, strawberry, peach etc could be a lot more fun thanswallowing tablets. Scientifically speaking, KAMAGRA being a jelly starts itsoperation 2.5 times faster than normal tablets since jelly is easily absorbedfrom our body having a larger surface area available for absorption.


One should contact their medical advisorbefore taking this jelly. Since people with following medical conditions areadvised strongly against the use of KAMAGRA:

* Cardiovascular diseases

* Low as well as high blood pressure

* Kidney related issues

* Who already have taken some other drugfor erectile dysfunction

Usage and side effects if any:

You can directly take this jelly fromthe sachet it comes in or can mix it with some non-alcoholic drink as well. Itseffect longs for 6 to 8 hours from the time of usage. Generally a dosage of50mg per day would be ideal but it might be increased to as high as 100mg orcan be reduced to as low as 25mg considering the physical features of theperson.

Few people do have some allergicreactions to this drug as well. The reaction may include:

* Headache

* Nasal congestion

* Dizziness

* Indigestion

* Blurred vision

* Change in visual colors

So, before trying this drug make sure toconsult a doctor about any possible allergies that you might have to this drugor one of its contents.

Summing up the things, the most strikingfeatures of KAMAGRA against traditional Viagra are:

1) Tastes much better

2) Faster action

3) Lesser allergic reactions than Viagra

4) Much CHEAPER than any other similardrug


Originally it is manufactured in Indiaby the company called AJANTA PHARMA but you can buy it online in Australia frommany online stores and get it delivered to your door steps.

Some of the sites selling these KamagraJellies are:

Kamagra Online – buy Kamagra for Australia

The cost of this KAMAGRA Jelly will bearound per 100mg sachet. You might get a bulk discount as well bringing theprice down to .5 per sachet which is nothing compared to the satisfaction andpleasuring sexual experience it is going to provide you with.

Kamagra generico Italia farmacia

Kamagra farmacia senza ricetta
Kamagra farmacia senza ricetta

Sex has always had a huge part in a man’s life.
By no means, there is no other matter as important
as a healthy and fulfilling sex life. And for any issues
related to erection, there is a real solution. It is a medical
solution namely Viagra.

Viagra is a drug solution for erection issues, particularly
erectile dysfunction. This is the case where a man fails
to have an effective erection during sexual intercourse.
Using Viagra makes a man capable of having and maintaining

Viagra has gained what can be called an international
recognition over the years. No other drug has reached
the huge sales level of Viagra in such a short period.
Over the last decade, the drug has reached the markets
not only in growing volumes but also in a variety
of forms. Kamagra is just one good example among

Kamagra is nothing but one generic form of the
famous Viagra. The drug was approved by the
FDA in 1998. This means the chemical content
inside Kamagra is Sildenafil Citrate. To know
more about Kamagra, it would be helpful to study
the nature and working mechanism of the chemical
Sildenafil Citrate.

Chemically, Kamagra is very similar to Viagra. Its mechanism is based on chemical inhibitor medically known as Sildenafil Citrate, a PDE5 inhibitor. It deals with blood flow into the penis, where both muscle relaxation and rich inflow are induced. These cause the penis to grow firm and stay hard relatively for a long time. In other words, by using
Kamagra, a victim of erectile dysfunction can actively engage in sex just like a normal guy. But there are very important measures to be considered before starting the treatment.

It is wise to consult a physician before starting Kamagra treatment.
Otherwise, some avoidable problems might result some serious
outcomes. For example, men with history of heart attack are not advised
to take Kamagra at all. Consulting a doctor also helps understanding
the related side effects. Expected side effects of Kamagra are not very
worrying. These include headaches, nasal conjestion, dizziness and
nausea. In rare cases of acute pains, a physician should be contcted

Kamgra tablets are similar to the common Viagra.
Little blue tablets of diamond shape, the drug is
available either in a package of four or as a single one.
The tablets of Kamagra are to be taken orally using
fluid, preferably water. Dosage is simple. The proper
dosage is 50 mg per day. This pill can be taken any
time as desired, but it is most effective when administered
an hour before sexual intercourse.